About Eagley

Our History…

In 1795, when the “New School House” was built at Hough Lane, Eagley, the area was already on the verge of industrial and commercial development. As the community grew, a group of gentry formed a board of trustees for the purpose of establishing a school in the area, with the aim of providing a basic practical education for the local workforce, based on “principles of religious tolerance, thereby encouraging a harmonious and stable community.”

In 1794, a plot of land was purchased from the Lady of the manor of Turton for the then princely sum of five shillings. The schoolhouse and a separate home to accommodate the schoolmaster was built the following year. At the time it was known as the “New School” as opposed to the “Old School” which was already established near the top of Eagley brow on the neighbouring estate of Sir Thomas Edgerton.

The Hough Lane School served the local community well until 1852 when Eagley Mills paid for a new school to be built in what is now known as School Street. The Hough Lane School was then used as an infants’ school for many years before being bought and converted for use as a private residence. The wheel turned full circle when Julie Robinson (Proprietor) purchased the property and opened “Eagley School House Nursery 1

About Us…

Eagley School House Nursery 1 opened its doors in 2003, providing a welcoming, secure and loving environment in which children flourish and parents feel comfortable. Our founder and owner, Julie Robinson, is a qualified teacher with Early Years Professional Status, Julie works alongside the team within the Nursery, and due to her reputation and expertise, also consults for external agencies and nursery settings on the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS).

Julie is really passionate about childcare – and over the years through continued hard work and commitment Eagley School House Nursery 1’s reputation for being a provider of “high quality childcare” led to an increasing demand for child places – “the word got round!”

Together with her husband Martin, they both decided to expand the success of their business model using the ethos of their “Eagley Way”. The “Eagley Way” aims to give the very highest quality childcare from birth to five years of age by providing a loving secure environment, where each child will be stimulated by their surroundings and accordingly they will flourish. It’s a very special journey, “The Eagley Journey!” **

In spring 2012 Julie and Martin opened “Eagley School House Nursery 2” operating under the same ethos “Eagley Way that cares for countless children and which exceed the expectations of so many parents!

Soar With Us “The Eagley Way”

To learn more about “The Eagley Way” please
Download the Eagley Way Document here (PDF 2mb).